Achieve wellness in life and work.


Achieve wellness in life and work.
ProActiv People Services

ProActiv People provide wholistic prevention and management solutions for individual’s health and wellbeing in life and at work. ProActiv People started their business with a focus on return to work services, and has extended its service offerings to include employment, disability services, injury management and assessment.

Health & Wellbeing

Being in good health includes both physical and mental health, and neither is more important than the other.

An individual’s wellbeing is a combination of physical, psychological, and social health factors which in turn impacts our ability to deal with the unpredictability of life. Your overall wellbeing may be influenced by relationships, work, life satisfaction, participation and involvement, energy levels, social interaction and much more.

Just as it’s important to heal a broken limb, it is equally as important to identify and seek help for mental illness. ProActiv People understand that happiness and life satisfaction, higher energy levels, the ability to deal with life’s challenges and positive self-esteem are just a few of the benefits of a healthy mind and body. We recommend that the first step to ensuring your overall health and wellbeing is to identify you have an issue, and then seek the help you require.

At ProActiv it is a priority for us to aid all individuals to better health, whether it is to prepare them to return to work or to provide them with happiness and satisfaction in their life.

Health screening at ProActiv is used to verify an individual’s specific needs including Functional Capacity, Psychological Evaluations and Medical Assessment. Once this is acquired, we are able to apply an appropriate treatment program including physiotherapy and expert mental health support, progressing to individually tailored health and wellness programs for the most successful outcome.

Return to Work

ProActiv People’s return to work focus determines the type of rehabilitation services required for a successful worker and employer outcome.

This may include helping the worker get back to work with their pre-injury employer, or if this is not possible, finding them suitable employment with a new employer.

Using collaborative and motivated rehabilitation practices, ProActiv People focus on the primary goal of a successful and sustainable return to work within the earliest time possible.

ProActiv People has established a qualified and experienced rehabilitation team from a broad professional base, and is able to offer a complete and complementary rehabilitation and return to work service model comprising:

  1. Rehabilitation Consultants (pre-injury and new employer specialists) who provide worker case management, and a range of targeted return to work intervention services.
  2. Medical/Allied Health Experts (physiotherapist, occupational therapist, psychologist, exercise physiologist) who provide a range of functional/vocational assessments, treatment, and recommended worker supports (e.g. aids, equipment, training).

ProActiv is a Comcare, ReturnToWorkSA and SIRA NSW approved workplace rehabilitation provider, under the Heads of Workers Compensation Authorities’ national framework for the provision of workplace rehabilitation services.

We strive to continuously deliver services the ProActiv way which involves:

  • Providing real value and care for people/customers via applying a person centric approach
  • Always demonstrating integrity, accountability, and respect via doing what we say we will do
  • We challenge ourselves to constantly innovate and be a market leader rather than being led

Through the above we hope to help change the way people view and respond to workplace injuries, workers’ compensation and return to work services.

Disability Employment Services (DES)

Are you living with an injury, illness or disability and want to find a job or keep the job you have?

We want to help you!

ProActiv People are a Disability Employment Services (DES) provider and one of SA’s most outstanding return to work providers. We have successfully assisted people to return to work and remain in employment for more than 12 years. We understand the value and health benefits a secure job can bring.

We work with people with a range of disabilities hindering the ability to secure sustainable and rewarding employment. We understand the barriers faced, and can apply services, support and activities that will increase the likelihood of successful employment and achieve your goals.

Our experienced specialist team will get to know you, understand your circumstances and work with you to find solutions to manage or overcome your challenges. We’re interested in your abilities, strengths, interests and what you want to achieve in life.

We aim to provide you with guidance, job skills and confidence to realise your potential, increasing the probability of finding and keeping a job. This uses a combination of self-assessment, skills training, job placement and personal mentoring, to secure employment outcomes.

Are you currently employed and concerned about losing your job because of an injury, illness or disability? We’re here to help! Our Work Assist program helps you and your employer to access interventions, guidance and support to keep you at work.

We’re committed to helping people reach their goals and achieve wellness in life and work.

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National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

Engaging with and maintaining a happy and healthy lifestyle is important for day to day living, which influences the quality of life of you and those around you.

Living with a disability, injury or health condition can be difficult, for the individual and those who care for them. Apart from benefiting from a positive state of mind and physical well-being, building ones independence and social participation are similarly important and provide a foundation for future and life-long participation.

There are many possible outcomes, which can range from everyday tasks including spending time with family and friends, going to the shops, volunteering, becoming a part of your community, and finding hobbies you enjoy, to building the capacity, skills and confidence to embark on a new career!

ProActiv People are made up of a specialised team of health care professionals including, Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Psychologists, Social Workers, and Rehabilitation Consultants and Career Practitioners. Our team is able to provide clarity on your needs and apply the most appropriate treatment and/or program for the best outcome possible.

ProActiv’s goal is to help improve overall health and well-being, we will find the best treatment to improve your daily living skills, activities and social participation. We offer ongoing support for your future and in maintaining positive health, wellbeing and lifestyle.

Services include:

  • Initial ‘whole of person’ assessment – physical, psychological and social
  • Activities of Daily Living Assessment
  • Early Childhood intervention
  • Behaviour/specialist intervention – intensive support interventions to address harmful or persistent behaviours of concern. Includes provision of training for carers and others in behaviour management strategies required due to the individuals disability
  • Therapy support for individuals and groups – includes physiotherapy, occupational therapy, exercise physiology, and psychology/counselling
  • Finding and keeping a job – employment related assessment and counselling and individual employment support, including supported transition from school into work.

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Absence Management

Absenteeism is an issue for many employers with employees taking unnecessary leave from work due to illness, health condition or other non-work related issues.

A program to support and control absences will help eliminate uninformed, unscheduled or unnecessary absenteeism, which often leads to disruption within the workplace and may generate angst between the employer and employee, and supporting peer group.

Communication and active support between the employee and the employer fosters a stable work environment, increasing workplace productivity.

ProActiv People provide Absence Management programs for the ongoing support of the employee and their employer. Our aim is to create the most positive outcome for both parties and as a result reduce absences and their impact.

Theses Absence Management programs include a variety of measures and are tailored to the needs of the workplace culture. Our programs include, and are not limited to, employee assistance, health education and health screening, exercise and gym membership promotions, or free annual flu injections, which will support and promote the health and wellbeing of employees, managing unnecessary absences.

When an employee is engaged and committed to the employer, evidence shows that the amount of absences will reduce. Absence rates are linked to many things, including management and communication style, cultural aspects, behaviour and responsibility, all of which can be managed with effective support and consistent workplace practices.

ProActiv People Absence Management programs work on developing an environment that encourages attendance by ensuring a safe and healthy workplace, self-management and recognition, and identifying and managing potential stressors before requiring time off work. We also create programs for positive employee cultural development, and promoting healthy and happy employees by supporting workplace health and care initiatives.

A focus on employee health, and cultural ownership will invariably increase attendance and the productivity of staff.

Prevention & Risk Management

Risk management is the process of identifying, assessing and managing any threats, risks, or hazards that have the possibility of causing accidents or injuries.

Preventing and avoiding these risks is a crucial task within any workplace, and may range from eliminating musculoskeletal injuries, due to poor manual handling techniques, through to the risk of serious injury due to poor industrial processes and inappropriate hierarchy of controls.

It is important for employees to feel safe in their workplace from hazards or harm, just as it is important for the employer to avoid any staff injury for maximum productivity.

ProActiv People are able to foster a culture of prevention and risk management, benefiting both the employee and the employer. We have a proven best practice model covering the development of appropriate policies and procedures, along with assessment and recommendations for workplace design and training, promoting a positive workplace culture.

Prevention and Risk Management is crucial in every organisation to ensure the safety and provision of staff support, which in turn encourages increased productivity.