Big Cake Bake!!!

Founder of ProActiv People, Nives Matkovic states that we at ProActiv seek not only to help individuals with their immediate injury or trauma, but to also show them how to become healthier, happier, and to positively influence those around them.

ProActiv People acknowledge a number of different causes and we would like to celebrate the Big Cake Bake to raise money for the vital work done by the Australian Red Cross.

It’s deliciously simple…. when you enjoy a slice of cake and a cuppa at any Big Cake Bake event throughout October the money raised will help to connect more people to their strengths, each other, and to the things we all need to build a good life.

Your Big Cake Bake event will support these life-changing programs:

  • Transportation for people who are elderly or unwell to their medical appointments.
  • Phone calls to people who are living alone and socially isolated.
  • Training and equipping emergency response teams to help in a disaster.

Please register online at bigcakebake to get involved this month and help this worthy cause. It’s not too late! You can raise funds at your school, workplace, or even in your home.

Posters are on the bigcakebake website for you to print and display, and recipes/modified recipes are available, as well as answers to frequently asked baking questions. There are 5 celebrity ambassadors who have donated their time and their own recipes for this fantastic event!

There is no cost to register and all funds raised are tax deductible.

If you would like more information go to bigcakebake or contact ProActiv People.

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