What is DES?

Disability Employment Services (DES) is an Australian Government initiative which helps people with disability find work and keep a job.

Through DES, eligible people with disability, injury or health conditions can receive help to prepare for, find and keep a job. Help can include career advice, employment preparation, resume development, and training. You can also get help with job searching and ongoing support at work (if you require it), including funding for necessary workplace modifications and wage subsidies to employers.

DES is delivered by a mix of large, medium and small, for-profit and not-for-profit organisations that support people with disability. DES providers can also work with employers to help them develop practices that support the employee in the workplace.

People with disability may be eligible for one of two different DES programs depending on their disability:

Disability Management Service (DES-DMS) is for jobseekers with disability, injury or health conditions who need assistance to find a job and occasional support in the workplace to keep a job.

Employment Support Service (DES-ESS) provides assistance to jobseekers with permanent disability to find a job and who need regular, ongoing support in the workplace to keep a job.


How ProActiv Can Help You

Disability Employment Service (DES) providers can help if you’re looking for work or even if you already have a job.

If you’re looking for work, a DES provider can help you:

  • Get ready to work.
  • Train in specific job skills.
  • Write your resumé.
  • Train in interview skills.
  • Look for jobs that suit you.

If you have a job, a DES provider can help you with:

  • On-the-job training.
  • Speaking to your boss and co-workers.
  • Ongoing support in your job.
  • Modifying your workplace.
  • Auslan at work.


How To Register

You can register for DES through Services Australia or directly through a provider.

To register through ProActiv People, you can either:


 Let’s Get To Work!








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