Mature aged employees are GOLD for any business.

We’d like to present you with a brief look into the benefits of hiring mature aged employees, as doing so can be a great investment, bringing many years of experience and knowledge into the workplace.


What are the advantages of employing mature aged workers?

Mature aged workers have often built up knowledge and skills during their time in the workforce, so they can help you to:

  • look at your business operations from a different perspective
  • improve your business processes
  • fill any skill or knowledge gaps in your workplace
  • provide mentoring to less experienced employees
  • train up your employees by sharing their skills

There is evidence that mature aged workers can:

  • save you money due to lower rates of absenteeism
  • make your business more productive
  • help you learn and adjust to new technologies in the workplace

It makes good business sense to consider hiring more mature aged workers. Over the next 10 years, as the Australian population ages, we’ll see:

  • a decreasing number of young people entering the workforce
  • an increasing number of older workers staying into the workforce

If your business welcomes mature aged workers, you’ll be seen as a more attractive employer to a growing proportion of the workforce.


What is age discrimination?

Age discrimination or ageism, is the stereotyping and discrimination against individuals or groups on the basis of their age. This may be casual or systematic.

It’s unlawful to disadvantage employees and job seekers in any way because of their age.

To make sure you have a discrimination-free workplace, and you understand your rights and responsibilities as an employer, check out:


Financial support & programs for employers.

As an employer, you can access a range of tools and programs to help you to employ mature aged workers. If you employ a mature aged worker, you may also be eligible for financial support from the government.

Check out the Department of Jobs and Small Business:


 Resources for mature aged job seekers.

 As a job seeker, you can register with a Disability Employment Service such as ProActiv People.

DOME (Don’t Overlook Mature Employees), is a community-based employment and training organisation which offers services to mature-age unemployed and disadvantaged people in South Australia.


Catalyst Foundation provides information about looking for work, vocational education and training.



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