Our refreshed brand… that you’ve created.

Proactiv People Lifestlye

Yes, we’ve just refreshed our ProActiv People website, with a new look, a new ‘voice’ and a whole new user-experience. But we’d also like to share why we’ve created this, who it’s for and where our insight and inspiration’s come from. You. Our ProActiv People.

The past months have been a fantastic experience for us. We’ve been calling, chatting, talking, asking and listening to you. And, when we say ‘you’, we mean a lot of you across a wide spectrum. Our DES clients, Rehab Case Managers and Return to Work corporate clients as well as our growing NDIS clientele.

You’ve given our ProActiv team a whole stack of feedback, thoughts, ideas, insights and experiences, to consider before we got started. But what you guys have shared has also been absolutely invaluable in providing a direction for us.

You’ve told us what you need, what you want, what hurdles you face, what experiences have lead you to us and, ultimately, what we must do to help you achieve your goals. And, because so many of you have had so much input already… we know the result is something you will like, value and want to utilise.

You now have a website designed with you and your needs, foremost in mind. Across DES, Rehab, Return to Work and NDIS… one-click access to core information plus direct contact with ProActiv.

All of our website information has been rewritten, talking with you, not at you… and not the usual “it’s all about us”. It also reflects a renewed, inclusive and ‘side by side’ approach we’ve adopted, to getting you back to where you want to be. And as quickly as we can.

In the coming months we’ll be sharing a lot more great information with you, through our new Blog page. We want to provide the best service we can. But then we’ll be following it up with nuggets of topical, relevant and interesting news, across DES, Return To Work and NDIS.

All this is Proactiv People living up to our name. We walk the talk. We’re ready and set to go. And that’s where our new brand slogan sums up our philosophy, our mindset and our goals when it comes to assisting all of you amazing people.

“Let’s get to work”

Yep. There’s a journey ahead for both of us. We’re under no illusions about that. But, know this. Proactiv People are a united, professional and motivated team. What’s more, we’re all people-people. No huge organisation here. And, no being treated like numbers.

So, please. We’d love you to pop in for a visit. Or. Better still, if you need any one of our ProActiv People ‘hands’, see what we can do, then let’s connect, as soon as. Find out what we mean by… ‘Let’s get to work’.

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