Disability Employment

Find a job or keep your job. With an injury, illness or disability.

First thing, don’t stress. We’re working with people with a range of disabilities, applying services, support and activities that increase your ability to land work that suits you so that you can achieve your goals.

You’ll finally have Employment Consultants with the qualifications, life experience and client-centric mindset you need. With a mentor beside you, your outcome, your path, your goal, is exactly that. Yours.

The thing is, we kind of ignore the term ‘disabilities’. Let’s develop your abilities, strengths, interests and loves. Our whole-of-person approach means aiming at what you can really achieve. So, when you find your job, you’ll like your job and keep your job.

ProActiv’s Work Assist program connects you with employers. Interventions, guidance and support gets you work, and keeps you at work. Motivated and empowered, you’re ready for work with:

And it’s all focused on securing a good employment outcome for you. 

So let’s go.


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