Managing a Work Injury

Managing work injuries and Return To Work staff? Let’s take care of your workload.

We know what you want. Minimised down time. Quick responses, getting strategies in motion. Sustainable outcomes for staff and your business. Outcomes you can only achieve with Best Practice systems in place across every service you need.

Working with Case Managers and Employers, we’re all about inclusive and collaborative rehab service model that includes;

  • Rehabilitation Consultants (pre-injury & new employer specialists) Providing worker case management, and targeted Return To Work intervention services.
  • Medical/Allied Health Experts (Physio, OT, Psychologist & Exercise Physiologist) Providing functional/vocational assessments, treatment & recommended worker supports e.g. aids, equipment, training.
  • Targeted Business Management Programs (Absenteeism, health audits & assessments) e.g. Onsite Physiotherapy & prevention, Health education & screening, EAP & Mental Health Counselling, Exercise and annual flu injections along with Drug and Alcohol Testing.
  • Let’s be clear. ProActiv is a Comcare, ReturnToWorkSA and SIRA NSW approved workplace rehabilitation provider, under the Heads of Workers Compensation Authorities’ national framework for the provision of workplace rehabilitation services.

If you want efficient, reliable and timely assessments with Return To Work support, refer ProActiv People. Real care and value for people through our inclusive, person-centric approach. We’ll do what we say, with integrity, accountability and respect.

Now, let’s prove it to you.

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