N.D.I.S. Support

Let’s get a happy, healthy and enhanced quality of life for you and those around you.

That’s what every Australian wants and what they deserve.

And, while living with a disability, injury or physical condition has its challenges for you and your carers, a positive state of mind and physical well-being will rise to meet it. Generating independence and social interaction becomes an ongoing strategy for a better life.

Your outcomes and everyday capabilities broaden on a daily basis, like more time with family & friends, going to the shops, volunteering, community involvement, starting new hobbies and, ultimately… gaining the skills, abilities and confidence that creates the ‘best you’ in day to day life.

Here’s the best bit. ProActiv People team will identify your needs and apply the treatment program to achieve your best possible outcome, working with a specialised team of health care professionals, including;

Our goal is yours, too. Finding the best treatment to improve your daily living skills, activities and social participation, along with ongoing support for your future.

ProActiv NDIS Services include:

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