Workforce & Recruitment Strategies

Let’s get your workforce more supported, your management more capable and your business more productive.

Working collaboratively with SA’s employers, ProActiv are creating a culture of inclusiveness and productivity when, combined with recruitment and post-placement support, puts employee and employers in a better place.

Developing the right policies and procedures… assessing and recommending workplace design and training… and more positive workplace cultures. That’s our best-practise model. And it’s working.

  • Prevention & Risk Management. Identifying, assessing and managing any threats, risks, or hazards that may cause accidents or injuries, where every employee feeling safe at work. Eliminating musculoskeletal injuries by correcting poor manual handling techniques, due to poor industrial processes and inappropriate hierarchy of controls. Every business, taking every step across staff safety and support, increasing productivity.
  • Recruitment & Support. ProActiv can provide skilled staff without recruitment costs combined with our post placement support program. You will you save recruiters’ and advertising fees and meet your required workplace diversity quotas.
  • Absenteeism. We have a support and control program, drastically reducing employees’ uninformed, unscheduled or unnecessary work leave due to illness, health condition or non-work related issues. Less disruption, less tension with a more supportive and productive culture.

Management and communication, cultural aspects, plus behaviour and responsibility can all be triggers, so all our programs will target your workplace needs, with programs not limited to;

  • Employee assistance
  • Health education & medical screening
  • Workplace Mobility & Exercise programs
  • Annual flu injections

Prevention & Risk Management, Absenteeism programs and free Recruitment will improve workplace culture, increase attendance and your overall productivity.

Let’s get that happening, starting now.

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