Step by step from no job… into your job.

Proactiv People Managing Work Injury

Not having a job and really wanting a job but, also knowing you can do that job, despite your disability. Yes. It sucks sometimes.  So, let ProActiv People help by stepping you through our DES transition from no job to your job.

We’re constantly chatting with our Disability Employment Services (DES) clients, so we know, pretty well, what you’re going through as well as where you want to be!

That feeling of uncertainty about returning to work is a common one. So, here’s two things to remember.

One: Everyone of our clients has experienced that fear of failing and those anxiety butterflies in your tummy at the thought of going into that  job interview. So relax, there.
Two: Our team here at ProActiv People can help you handle all of that.

Our Return to Work Process.

We’re not one of the big names in employment services, so quite a few of clients come to us with not only pressing financial worries, but also the frustration of how they were dealt with by larger, more well-known providers. Being treated “like a number” is a phrase we still don’t like hearing.

So, here’s a few less things to worry about. This is what you can expect to experience when you transition from no job to “Yes, a job!”, working with us at ProActiv.

You might go into our return to work process thinking ‘I’m not able to do that role’ or ‘I think I might not be good enough’, but you’ll come out feeling different, and a lot better.

Half of the anxiousness and uncertainty comes from simply not knowing what to expect or how it will go. That’s where we come in… and why we want to share this with you now.

First, we’ll compile your overall interests, abilities and long term goals. Then we focus on your core skillsets relating to the work you want or that job you are going for. Along with that, we’ll build self-confidence, practising your interview skills and finally showing you how to sharpen up your resume.

Starting a job.

The key challenge you need to know and that we’ll help you with is adjusting to new role. We not only give you a clear idea what the job role involves, but we also give you strategies

to ensure you fit in with our client company’s team and any other staff members you come in contact with.

New job, new skills, new people… the better you’re prepared, the more confident you’ll become. What’s more, we’ll help you with “fitting everything in” when you’re working.

Things like child care and you travelling to and from work, are all important issues that can worry you. Well, don’t… because you’ll have us supporting you. Sound like a plan?

Okay! If you’re ready to make your own transition, click here and make contact with our ProActiv team and make something great happen, now. Ready to get a job? Let’s get to work!

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