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Let’s get you informed.

What’s the ProActiv Blog all about? Well, it’s about you… and keeping you right up to speed with everything happening across our Disability Employment Services, Rehabilitation and Return to Work, Recruitment & NDIS sectors.

When you know, you’re better prepared. And, the ProActiv blog with keep you primed with the latest news from planned Government legislation and new programs, to industry support and professional services. Ready to get informed? Let’s get to work.

Biopsychosocial Model And ProActiv DES

Using the Biopsychosocial model, ProActiv will help you look at yourself as a whole from your initial assessment and throughout your job placement and rehabilitation processes. We recognise we’re all more than isolated workers or individuals. We interact with different aspects of our environments so, our medical conditions and experiences

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Anxiety and Job Search

There are lots of management strategies and tips out there to help you manage your anxiety, we have put together some tips on how they correlate to being unemployed and searching for a job. Focus on your breathing – you have probably heard it before and of course focusing on

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