Understand injuries @ work… so ProActiv can get you back on the job.

“No pain, no gain?” Not if ProActiv People can help it. Whilst we all enjoy getting stuck into work, sometimes injuries do occur at work. So, if you’re unfortunate enough to suffer a work-related injury, here are some common work related injuries to be aware of. Fortunately, ProActiv can help you recover, with proven and professional Physio management plans to get you back to work.

  • Acute/subacute low back pain. Lower back pain is often located in the lumbar and or sacral regions of your spine. This pain can be classified as acute, subacute and persistent (chronic) pain. While this pain can be unbearable, in most cases a specific diagnosis is unable to be made, as there can be numerous factors that can contribute to the development and worsening of low-back pain. However there are ways that you can work through this pain.
  • Acute neck pain. This pain refers to pain in your neck that has been persistent for less than three months. Similar to lower back pain, neck pain most commonly arises without a specifically identified cause, however degenerative changes can be seen and monitored via an x-ray.
  • Acute shoulder injury. The most common shoulder injuries include, rotator cuff disorder, frozen shoulder and AC joint disorders. According to Return to work SA and other data approximately 10% of people will experience acute shoulder injury at some point in their lives.
  • Acute elbow/wrist/hand injuries. This injury can vary from person to person due to factors such as age, specific useage or activity and pre-existing health problems.
  • Acute knee injuries. The most common type of knee injuries are strains, sprains, meniscal injuries, bruising/contusions, lacerations and bursitis.

The experienced team at ProActiv People can work with you, assisting you through a management plan to get back to work. After all, going back work is considered to be the best rehab and we will provide support right through this process.

Got a work-related injury and need to get back on the job? Let’s get to work.

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