What is ‘Mental Health’? ProActiv helps you get your head round it.

It’s a well-known expression that is used in everyday life, however it might surprise you how ‘mental health’ is often misunderstood. As well as you, some well-known people are also coming to terms with it.

The World Health Organisation’s opinion is that ‘mental health’ is a state of wellbeing. By this, they are saying that every individual can cope with life stresses, contribute to the community and still realise their own potential.

The experts have tried to come up with ways to explain what mental health is and what mental health conditions are.  However, sometimes they make this complicated.

Mental health conditions such as, depression and anxiety are terms often heard on a daily basis, and individuals experiencing can be made to feel very alone or feel like something is wrong with them.

However, you are not alone, according to Australian Bureau of Statistics , depression and anxiety are very common, with 1 in 4 individuals reporting feeling depressed at some point in their life.

There are many different ways to work through feeling depressed or experiencing depression so, below, here’s a set of discussion tips for managing depression.

  1. Keeping to a balanced routine and lifestyle. This is easier said than done, but try to ensure you are maintaining good eating, sleeping and exercise habits, whilst engaging in social activities.
  2. Develop a good social network – this can be anyone, but ideally it’s someone who you can sit down and have an honest chat with. Just hearing yourself talk through something can help put it into perspective. The socialising aspect is also great and well worth the effort of trying and maintain it.
  3. Develop a good professional support network – Professional support is an important resource. This can be used, purely, on an as needs basis or where there are support lines such as lifeline can be great value to.
  4. Expect slip up and down days – slip ups during your recovery are to be expected so don’t be hard on yourself. This is just part of a being a human being and everyone experiences it. Just remember progress can be a bumpy road but the journey will be worth it.

At the end of the day we’re all only human, so remember not to be too hard on yourself.

Even famous people have  experienced mental health conditions. Robbie William, Heath Ledger and Angelina Jolie are world-famous examples who all have diagnosed mental health conditions with a common one being depression.

Here at ProActiv people we work with you, and how you feel you need help/support, because at the end of the day you know yourself best. Click on the link and contact us today if you would like assistance. Now, let’s get to work.

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